Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Catching Up On Cute Antics

It's been awhile since I've shared cute antics, but I'm still collecting away thanks to my rambunctious kiddo giving me lots of material :)

• reading aloud a Valentine written to him by classmate it said, "I'll miss you because you're nice."  Cameron paused, smirked, and said, "So she thinks!"

• discussing friends together, he said "I don't have any friends.  And adult friends, besides you and Daddy, are just a centimeter above the friend line."  (Then we talked about friends in given areas and I was impressed with how much more awareness he's gaining when he is calm and processing.  He identified many friends in certain contexts.  The more he understands, the more positive relationships he can build, maintain, and enjoy.  He still gets so confused, but he's learning!)

• agreeing to a play date eagerly, but adding the condition that he be allowed to bring his lego shot gun, colonial hat, and very, formal uniform.

• getting very snuggly on one side of my chest and then saying, "Now the other one!" (while his father watched and laughed wickedly.)

• while playing our History Go Fish game, he came across Plato and Aristotle and  asked if had, "Play Doh and Aristotle"

• completing my Dad's Shakespeare quote… cauldron burn and… "Me in trouble!"

• declaring that broccoli was "one of the worst things in the world through my lens".  (He continued to comment that it might be different through someone else's lens, but then returned to its poor evaluation through his.)

• when I commented on his verbal presentation, he corrected me, "I wasn't screaming I was just shouting a little!"

• musing, "Maybe I should practice my spin death so you can be my audience for the performance."

• making us feel great trepidation when he left the bathroom giggling, "Everyone is going to have a big surprise when they go in that bathroom."

• commenting out of the blue while we were driving home, "Why aren't you teaching me calculus?"

Showing me the Lindamood Bell kitchen and showing off the hat my dad gave him.

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