Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting Started

I like to play.  I have a very spirited son and I don't think I'm too shy on spunk myself.  As I have gained so much from reading the blogs of others, my goal in trying a blog is to capture insights and share both experience and knowledge.  I have sent out weekly email updates for over a decade, so I think regular posts won't be too challenging and I imagine this blog will serve the purpose of continuing to record and nurture my breadth of joy for living.

Key players-
Me: I have a passion for parenting.  As my career choice, I find improving this skill and relishing the process with a twinkle in my eye is supremely rewarding.  I also adore baking which mostly departs our home to bring cheer to school classrooms and my husband's work (especially due to my new focus on paleo nutrition).  I'm also a nurse, but in the process of wrapping up the last of my clinical practice.
Andrew is my husband of nearly a decade and a computer engineer (  I can't imagine loving him more.
Cameron is my six year old son.  High functioning autism puts no dent in his vim and vigor.  He is solid, exuberant thinking-in-motion.  I adore parenting him, even when his "spirit" is making the air sizzle.

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