Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Goals 2 : SHARE

Cameron's budding understanding is so endearing and I like to share that pleasure with my son's "Cute Antics".  Of course, there is also an aspect of capture because I don't want to forget.  These are excerpts from the last few episodes from my updates:

• 7AM.  No kid in the bed.  No kid downstairs.  I found him rummaging in the trunk of my car and was informed, "I'm just hanging out."

• continuing the creative idioms with, "It's raining antlers means it's really sunny out."

• after hearing that it would take two lifetimes to travel to the sun, he concluded, "I'd get bored."

• noting three raccoons running across this road and yelling, "They're scampering!"  (Um, not a usual kindergarden word.)

• when I tried to get him to guess about a some surprise egg nog, we had the following exchange:
Rachel: I've got a surprise for you in the refrigerator that starts with E-G
Cameron: Egypt!
(Naturally, I deliver African countries with most meals, but after E-G-G-N, he got my original intent.)

• smugly saying, "I know you're talking to Daddy about my behavior."  (I was making no qualms about being noisy as I shared with Andrew how Cameron had both used his thinking to figure out the discomfort at the dentist was OK so he didn't hurt more later and had kept his body still.)

• defining a new word - "atackelness" = an attribute of a mommy that is hugging in a position where the child can't extricate himself

• "Lets call it a bang day." (He kept banging his head into things on accident.)

• Calling downstairs, "Make the electricity work!"  After diagnosing the problem, Cameron assured Andrew, "You can do it without a lightbulb."

• responding to one of Andrew's intentionally silly suggestions with a supremely knowing toned and elongated, "Ha, ha." (We were in stitches.  Maybe you had to be there, but just try imagining a six year old saying this with all the haughtiness of a dowager! :)  )

• Drawing Daddy his most elaborate picture yet with the primary focus being two giant eyes with three rings each which he made clear were for the pupil, iris, and sclera.  (Can you tell he asks Mom about anatomy a lot?  Hmmm, it looks a bit like a zombie, but I'd still put is as a cool compliment :) )

• "People are heavy.  So, if too many stood in one place, the ground would break."  (I never thought I'd be reassuring my child about the strength of the Earth in that way!)

• coining the word "rectangle-y".  (It so reminded me of "lightening-y" in Ratatouille.)

• spontaneously developing a passion for making games with rather distintive rules.  The pieces usually consist of vast amounts of different colored construction paper with various markings on them.
Here are the rules for the first of half a dozen games he made this week:
1. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 players can play
2. The two blue tents are the good guys and the white paper that looks like a car is the bad guy
3. First, you flip up one of the rectangle shaped cards.
4. Second, you flip out one of the the square shaped ones with pictures on them.  Try not to flip up a green one becasue the green cards make you start over.
5. You look at the other players' colors.  If you notice they have a green, red, or orange one, the game starts over.  If  you see that they have a bad guy one and you have a good guy one, then try to fight off the bad guy.
6. If the other person doesn't do anything, then do that.  Follow what the other person does with their board.
7. Try to leap on the other players' bad guy with the target you have.
8. You keep on fighting until one of the players gets their person on top of their own pile.
9. Whoever gets the first one on top of the bad guy's pile wins and gets their player back before the other other players get their player home.
10. Whoever wins gets a cookie.
The end.  That's how you play the game.  Have fun playing.
Bonus rule: Babies can't play because there are little pieces that they could eat.

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