Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Goals 1 : CAPTURE

I want to capture fun incidents.  Both personal ones like this one from six years ago when we were new parents:

Adjustment Tales...  a new section for us to laugh as we learn.
The star of this week’s installment of “Adjustment Tales” is Andrew.  It seems his mind is trying to make him really aware of baby at night by convincing him that Cameron is in bed when he’s actually in the crib.  But we need a prop for this to work and his brain found the perfect prop to fool the sleepy Andrew... a pillow!  He has held the pillow and lovingly talked to the pillow.  However, I’m afraid I had to stop him when he got out of bed Friday night cradling the pillow and tried to tuck it into the crib with Cameron!  I couldn’t help laughing just a little bit, I know... my turn with come.

... and more general living incidents like this one from three years ago:

"Well, I beg to differ!"  
The window man had directed me to get dry silicone spray to help the sliding glass door slide.  There's this great, old codger at Home Depot who runs the key maker and considers himself top-fix-it-expert.  It just so happened, the silicone spray was under his work bench.  When he heard my intention, he got a huge grin and, with the air of ruling monarch, stopped me with the above statement.  Turning slowly around and settling himself comfortably on his stool, he demanded, "Do you grease your tires?!?!  No!  You don't want the door to slide, you want it to roll!  If you put a lubricant on it, it will slide and wear the wheels unevenly, causing an even bumpier ride.  What you want is steel wool!"  He was warming to his topic, clearly relishing his role as educational expert and ready to expound at length, but Cameron didn't appreciate his brilliance as much as I did.  The key line was growing with disgruntled customers.  His kingly pronouncements made perfect sense to me.  So, I promptly paid for his services in kind.  I expressed my deep gratitude, and while he beamed approval, side stepped round the stool, returned the silicone to the the shelf, and departed under his satisfied gaze.    What an endearing king-of-his-domain :)  
Capturing these incidents helps me remember how much fun I've been having living, both in the immediate sense of that week and when I look back over the years.

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