Sunday, December 20, 2009


I didn't realize how much I had to learn.  The vast scope of knowledge involved in parenting is overwhelming.  I have read so many books and tried so many different actions and added some real winners to my parenting tool box.  I have also gained a true appreciation for the uniqueness of each child.  I realize how well I've perfected the skills of dealing with my high energy, high intelligence, low sensitivity kid.  I'll never forget vacillating about showing him the video of a live elephant birth and deciding to pose the question to him.  Describing the basics, I asked if that sounded scary or interesting.  The top volume, top energy response was, "INTERESTING!"  (This is not the child to need gentle descriptions or pause more than a minute after crashing himself into a wall.)  I do have a great deal of knowledge about autism as well, but I see that as very much a side issue to my son's development.  His mind his bright and willing to learn and I love being his buddy in the process.

OK, so I'm going to delve into learning about how to do stuff like pictures and underlining and links and all those blog-based skills.  Here's to a new adventure in learning :)


  1. Welcome to the bloggy world! I'll be reading. :)

  2. Great post. I agree. Cameron is very bright and very full of energy. I apprecited him teaching me how to put his new toy (a WACK) together. He was patient and good teacher (just like his mom).

  3. Thanks for the welcome and friendly comments :)