Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bill Peet

I had a sick kiddo this week, but he wasn't so sick that he couldn't delve into the Bill Peet books I picked up at the library.  It's been awhile and I thought he'd like to get back into them so I picked up ten and... he started reading.  He didn't decide he was tired until 312 pages later!  

Honestly, if you haven't read these books, they are worth it!  I think Bill Peet deserves the kind of accolades Dr. Seuss gets, if not more. (A kid's book recommendation post is on my schedule for this week or next week and I'll get more specific then.)

Other things to share-

I've been going through photos as I continue that journey to get the thousands in our library cataloged.  I came across one of me pudgy and pregnant and absolutely gleefully experiencing one of my dreams:

Cute antics:
• making it clear he has no more smell issues... he walked into the house and declared, "Asparagus!" (Okee dokee, guess we can check off that concern!)

• constantly calling the "diary" the "dictionary".  (Key item from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
• blowing a dandelion and declaring, "I wished a tooth would fall out."  (Lots are just staying happy a little wobbly.)
• combining two wizards names so that Dumbledore gained some Gandalf with his version of "Grandedorf"
• telling me what he remembered about Bach from Kindermusik.  I had helped with saying, "He's from juh, juh..." and Cameron filled in, "Japan!"  (Try number two, I cued "ger, ger" and we got "Germany!")

and, two pics of my expert baking helper who just forced me to bake for Microsoft twice this week :)

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