Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Large Numbers

400 - The number of Anthem essays Andrew and I graded.
150- The number of cookies I baked for Challenge Air (Cameron has flown with them three times.  That is, he takes the controls, gets a mad look of glee, and shows both pilot and parents he knows how to bank the plane.  I don't usually stay the same shade of green through the whole experience.)

Umph left for doing anything else besides sharing the O round up and antics... zero.

Cute antics:

• insisting that I should be a bus driver so I could get into  where they park the buses at night and search for some jelly beans he dropped.
• informing me proudly, "I didn't cry over spilt milk. I fixed it!"
• starting a conversation with, "I, a lot of times, breathe in my bed." (He continued to tell us that was how he smelled the bit of smoke and knew we were having a fire.)
• choosing a buzz cut because he didn't want to brush his hair
• coming up with some hysterical, um, interpretation of the Jewish story of Purim.  One of the break days, we baked a traditional cookie called hamentashen, named after the bad guy (Haman) who tried to have all the Jewish Persians killed, including Ester:

Rachel: And the bad guy in the purim story is... ?
Cameron: Huffelpuff!

Rachel: And Ester didn't tell the king that she was...?
Cameron: British!

Hmmm, my teaching seems to have gone a bit off course, but he loved the elaborate process of making the cookies and bringing one to each classmate :)

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