Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thyroid Update: By Symptom

So... here's where we started and here's where I'm at now:
1. Chronic throat pressure - unchanged
2. Hair falling out- unchanged
3. Cold hands and feet- unchanged or a little better
and.... now for the fun stuff!
4. Ill feeling with headache, nausea, fatigue- rare since Iodine supplementation and none since I added Iron!
5. Difficulty getting to sleep- completely resolved since Iodine supplementation
6. Temperature irregulariy- just as irregular, but I actually get up to normal now.  (Basal temps 96.6 - 98.3 with a shake down, mercury thermometer)
and... one that I hadn't mentioned but should have
7. Gradual weight gain independent of exercise/diet - stopped!  Hooray!  I've been losing weight for the last month and it's such a relief not to be seeing my goals slip farther and farther away each month!

My rheumatology appointment confirmed that I don't have any active immune issues.  The endocrinologist did a few more cortisol tests and decided I didn't have a tumor so she discharged me without followup.  I have the appointment with the Naturopath in a few weeks and I'm planning to get Iron/Iodine level tests too.  Once I gather all that together, I'll hopefully be in a good spot to decide on next actions.  The more I read, the more likely it seems that if I start thyroid medication, it will be very difficult to get off of it.  I wonder if I should just give myself some time with paleo eating and doing Body By Science work outs to see if I can continue to improve without thyroid / adrenal / other hormone replacement.

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