Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Genies, Spirits, Nuns

This incident was just too delightful not to share and this is certainly a good spot for sharing :)  Over the last week, I've been doing a different kind of Mommy School.  My son was starting to balk at the Montessori math materials, poetry, writing, and other activities.  So, we sat down together and chatted about what would be more fun.  We have a new writing workbook and he's doing Dream Box for math and we're reading and... I pulled out videos.

Videos are one of my son's favorite things to do and they offer us awesome opportunities to discuss people's motivations and feelings (see Movie Freeze Game).  This past week we watched Oklahoma, Sound of MusicAladdin, and The King and I.  Of course, my son asks lots of questions about these movies we watch (plus I love that he sings the songs for days)!  He'll often be contemplating the movies for days too and then spontaneously share his conclusions.  So, picture an enthusiastic six year old, delivering his verdicts with kid gusto.  He decided that genies and spirits in the sky were pretend.  He then exclaimed with the most incredulous voice, "But, there are real nuns!"  I had to admit it.  We'll see how the rest of processing The Sound of Music goes!

The conversations where I just listen and reflect and am awed by his honesty are priceless.

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