Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, August 27, 2010


I've got a new Italian term to share!  Squillo (which is pronounced squeelo).  It means ring or ringing and it's the place where the voice rings and is forward in the head with the soft palate up.  Doesn't that just sound like an eager, happy, squeeeee kind of word!  I can't even write it without smiling :) 

Things to share:
Awesome compact condo.
This Week's Objectivist Round Up.

Cute antics:
• noting that I was having a hard time finding a tune that he couldn't identify, he said "You keep un-stumping me."
• commenting out of the blue, "It would be a bad idea to jump rope gun shots."
• describing something he forgot as "giving me chances to remember".
• stating that remembering his vitamin (white pill) in the morning, "Oh, It makes me forget the red pill."  [allergy med in the evenings]
• telling me, "My brain isn't always right, but it's right right now!"
• evaluating dessert, "It's better than good, it's greato!"

Naturally, when picking up apples, one must have mom's halloween hat.


  1. Fun fact: Squillo is also used as a verb in colloquial Italian today. It's when you dial someone's number so that their phone rings, but hang up right away.

    The reason is because people pay by the calls they actually complete along with texts, but not calls they simply dial but no one answers.

    It's a way for people to tell each other they're thinking of one another without having to have a conversation.

  2. Trey: Cool! I'll have to tell my voice teacher about that :)

  3. Hey I just found this blog. I might have missed it somewhere before, but did you get your temperatures up with just t3? Are you feeling better?

  4. Andrew: Thanks for asking. I was feeling poorly with increased T3, but I'm getting back to normal. I just posted an update: