Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Monday, May 23, 2011

End of 5 Star Challenge

Lets finish up this 5 Star Challenge!

Five things that make you happy you're alive:
Objectivism - That Ayn Rand lived and shared so much guidance on how to live joyfully.
Technology- Everything that has made life so much more efficient and pleasant... my two current favorites are my car and my iPhone.
Nature- I'm currently relishing the vibrant rhododendrons outside my window as they proclaim springtime with their intense color.  There are so many glorious experiences in nature that make me happy I'm alive, from dazzling sunsets to the shimmering green of the Northwest Rain Forests.
Chocolate-  I love connoisseur chocolates and all the teasing nuances of flavor that I can discover with leisurely sampling.
Atlas Shrugged- As a different entity from the philosophy of Objectivism, the joy I experience in this particular work of art is fuel for a positive life.

Five people (or pets) you love:
I did this in the "grateful for" post- husband, son, awesome friends, cool parents.  For pets, I'll say all the wonderful canines I loved from Guide Dogs for the Blind. My adoring goofy Golden, Treat.  My powerfully inteligent German Shepherd that had almost magically golden eyes, Gimbal.  All the Labradors that flopped down for belly rubs and snuggles, Chaplin, Auburn, Aidan, and Elissa.

Like all puppies, guide dogs start tiny and...
grow!  These guys can graduate with a job though that's pretty awesome.

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