Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Poem

I ran across this poem this morning and it hit a bit of the melancholy spot.

for the mother I am today...

There are certainly times when I have those moments of profound sadness at the steeper slope my kiddo faces... how I wish I could make it smoother for him.

I am reminded what I can do though and how many skills I've learned and how much delight I've found in parenting.  The sad moments do not take over unless I let them, as I wrote in my post on Jonah Days!

"I remember days where a flu had me so low that it took me a half hour to move from the couch to the kitchen and I had a toddler who was learning lots about patience and what being sick looks like!  I remember days where I made so many mistakes that I thought just one more note of a whiny voice would make me lava lady with my home reduced to ashes.  But, I've never been in a place where a Jonah Day touched my sense of life.  A Jonah Day does not have the power to change the nature of my joy in living.  It doesn't even have the power to dampen my spirits unless I let it and being a mom has given me plenty of practice at keeping that grin :)

And... when I'm caught unawares, bowled over, sometimes literally knocked flat in the sand... I try to laugh and to remember how joyous it is to have a child that loves me so much, that  he wants to fire every neuron in his brain with the feeling of being close to mommy.  (From my "Manners for Sensory Seekers" post)"

Here's to a joyous Mother's Day :)  For those embracing that roll, here's to relishing those powerful moments of parenting success!

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