Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, September 30, 2011

Spelling Fun

My kiddo has started bringing home spelling lists that are hard for him (starting off with 4/16 correct).  He practices through the week and the test in on Friday.  I never thought we could have such fun with spelling as I make up the goofiest, whimsical sentences to illustrate each word!

Other things to share:
Cute antics:
• talking about what anger feels like, "I feel as if I was Godzilla and could kill anybody."  (He's never seen the creature, just had this idea that it was something big and powerful.)
• when Andrew gets his prowly walk, "Dad!  Don't be like a walking death machine!"
• asking about the history teacher, "Was Mr. Powell alive when Thomas Jefferson was elected?"
• spontaneously asking, "Care to dance?" (He was given his first dance lesson by his dad and found the demonstrations of what would happen if you used the wrong feet highly comical.)
• asking about my mom's efforts to bring banned books into the USSR decades ago, "She brought Irish books into Russia?"  (Um, no… that would be "Jewish".)
• telling a family friend, "I'm smarter than Einstein." (We've had several instances this week of him going from tears to mastery rapidly.  Big surprise, he likes the mastery and not the tears.)
• "You did a cute croak!" (He liked the way our friend laughed.)
• pronouncing "enraged" with an "i" and a strong emphasis on the first syllable, IN-raged (It sounds so funny, like he's trying to make the word extra powerful.)
The first dance lesson!

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