Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Letter 2011

Here's the latest cute antics, fun links, and I'll append the holiday letter which got out late via regular mail (so will make for some slightly belated holiday cheer)!  Here's to a glorious holiday season :)

Cute antics:

• pulling off his socks at his athlete mentor's house and starting a conversation about socks, "I don't like socks. Socks are obnoxious. [pause for thought]  They are criminals."  (Well, he's his father's son!  Socks almost never last more than a few minutes after either of them get home.)

• an old picture of him playing naked in the back yard came up on my screen saver and he commented, "I'm naked?  I'm not always naked."

• responding to the interaction of Andrew teasing me and me saying Hey!  with a mumbled, "Improper!"  (After laughing because we thought he was referring to the teasing, we laughed again when we found out he was referring to me saying "Hey". Whenever a person says, "Hey", Flat Stanley's mom always says, "Hay is for horses.")

• coining a new term for small, "minisceropic".  (It's a combination of minuscule and microscopic.)

• trying to wheedle my phone out of my hands by saying, "Could I help you play some toy bot [one of his favorite iPhone games].  I could advise you.  You wouldn't be completely helpless."  (Subtle, so subtle!)

• spraying air freshener on his chest so he smelled like a citrus grove

• listening to me read these directions:

"How are these words alike?  Add more.
hand, hands, foot, feet…"

and continuing, "cardiovascular system, cardiovascular systems!"

(This kid is just too darn delightful :) )

• getting a little confused about a particular term… he came back from playing with his athlete mentor and told me he'd seen a "silent duck"  (That would be slam dunk.)

• telling me he turned a tree stump into lemonade.  (It took me a minute, but they had turned this stump into a balance beam and he saw this as like when Junie B. Jones turns lemons into lemonade i.e. making something pleasant from something not.)

• bringing home a diagram about different holidays with this written under Los Pasosts "baby Gzos" and this written under Hanukah "no babes".

• "It's about time you be cautious!" (Talking to good guy on the screen who was in danger in a Hitchcock film.)

• "Mt Rushmore is not supposed to be a jungle gym!" (Commenting on the movie North by Northwest)

Three delightful videos to share:
• A draw yourself stickman that becomes animated- 
• A clip of a porcupine that is too darn cute… I had no idea they could make such sounds-
• A comedy routine of Three Little Pigs turned into a Shakespearean tale-

This week's Objectivist Round Up.

Holiday Letter (click on image to view each page):

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