Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nurturing Self At This Time of Year

As I was doing my monthly review of my Getting Things Done System, I came across my roll of "nurturing-self".  This is what I have written:

Purpose: I want to enjoy the happiness of living my life.  I will nuture myself when challenges and stresses make that more difficult.

Vision: I will always have that reserve of inner strength that comes from self esteem and self valuing.  I will care and nuture my self as one of my primary responsibilties as a human being.  I will enjoy gathering together ideas for ways to achieve this goal and anticipating the pleasures to come.  I will take time to pay attention to my emotions.  I will address any feelings of stress, anger, guilt, or sadness promptly so they have no time to grow into big problems.  I will focus my attention on cherishing the joys of living.

This is the time of year when keeping everything organized is especially helpful to me. I love that I'm always clear that I'm using my limited time as a match for what I think is most important, which really helps me be able to deal well with what I can't get done too.   

Underneath my "vision", I have goals (1-2 year, 3-5 year, lifetime) and underneath those I have actions that help me make the goals come to pass which help me reach my vision.  I also have the "someday maybe" section where I keep track of ideas that I don't want to do yet, but may help me fulfill this vision in the future.   So, for example, under this vision:
1-2 Year Goals contains "Invest in monthly massage"
3-5 Year Goals contains "Go to OCON again"
Lifetime Goals contains "Return to New Zealand, include the south island"
Someday Maybe Contains "Try out playing a trumpet or other horn"

When I go through these organized lists, I reconnect with my rolls, goals, visions, and the ways I am going to live an efficacious life.  I have parenting, spouse, owner, and teacher rolls among others which each have this rich process there for me use as a tool.  And, as a pre-requisite to doing any of the others well, nurturing myself, being my own best friend, is at the top of that list.  I'd love to hear what others do to nurture themselves during the holidays.  Here's to a delightful season with many joyful moments.

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