Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, December 2, 2011


Aside from this week's Objectivist Round Up, I have lots of cute antics to share from my kiddo who lays on the smiles:

• "Barbarian is my best curse word."
• responding to our statement that he was a little guy and one glass of wine was enough with a muttered, "Little guy.  Harumph!"
• when I was talking about the next adventure story I was going to read him I said it was creepy and he said, "Creeeeeeepy?  I love creepy!"
• "I hate eating on the job, but I have to keep up my strength while I'm looking." (He was searching for clues like Nate the Great when he decided he needed a snack.)
• making a sour face with a full pucker when taking a sip of whiskey and saying, "Ohhhh, so good!"  (For some reason, he really wanted to like it, but all the body language didn't match the words!)
• telling me, "I conjecture that I'll breathe tomorrow."  (Clearly enjoying our Sherlock Holmes reading!)
• trying to catch me at hangman with the word "punctual"
• getting a full crowd laugh when he joined us at a debate.  He knows so much about history, so we thought we'd give it a try.  We only told him our job in the debate was to listen to the "verbal battle" and see what we each thought made sense.  When the debater speaking for individual rights (Brook) was responding to the big government debater, Brook said that it was true that the system today was wanted by most Americans and nobody agreed with him to which my kiddo piped up shrilly, "I DO!"  (That's my confident, independent thinker.)

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