Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, May 8, 2010


My dear son is only six and he was flirting.  After surviving a trip with over 70 kindergardeners to the zoo, I watched as he pretended to fall asleep on his favorite classmate's shoulder.  Check out this grin!

Other things to share:
This week's Objectivist Round Up.

Cute Antics:

• informing me that he didn't want to sing with the music teacher because, "She does not have good business for me." (He was adamant that he would not sing in the kindergarden concert this week which has been the focus of music class for at least a month.  That was definitely not a battle I was interested in fighting, but the explanation didn't help much.  He also told me he doesn't like to sing with grown ups?)
• taking me up on the choice to sleep in the bathtub (He still doesn't necessarily wake up if he needs to pee at night, so I've been quite clear that he has choices of his bed (protected) or the bathtub.  He does like choices!)
• yelling as he got off the bus, "IS IT HERE?!?!?" (All I had to do was nod and he was sprinting.  He spent allowance money to buy a lego police station and has been anticipating it all week.
We finished the sixth Harry Potter book while he was doing legos.  I said, "The end" and he started pondering while picking up different pieces. He mused, "Snape killed Dumbldore.  Bad, bad, man.  You know, Snape is a bad man killing Dumbldore after saving Harry's life... bad... crazy."  (As Andrew pointed out, my reaction to the event was much more dramatic!)

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