Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hike in the Rain

The babysitter cancelled so... we went for a family hike.  There was a mild meltdown with the rain, but the joy returned and we completed the six miles up and down Squawk Mountain!  Here he is refueling his tanks (read on for clarification):

Other things to share:

The latest Objectivist Round Up.

Cute antics:

• maintaining he had 200 fuel tanks inside that needed refueling during our hike.  (I laughed and said we needed to operate to check this out, but he added that they were invisible.)

• enlightening us that there were many different worlds and...
Dining room, world one- Cameron is King
Cameron's room, world two - Mommy is Queen
Back yard, world three- Daddy is king

• asked about Oregon, "Do they have rights there?" (Still gets a bit confused about the difference between states and countries.)

• gleefully lifting up a piece of breafast bacon and declaring, "This is the muscle of pigs!"  (Squeamish kid?  Not yet.)

• breaking the silence of a car ride with, "It took an aweful lot of pushing to get me out."

• clearly working on childhood amnesia, he related his own birth story.  "It was black and dark and a little bit red and there were slippery slugs and then it was light and I came out.  And there was Daddy and Chad and Ginger and zoom I was four years old."

• trying for the the word exhausted, he came up with "eeegzawsted".

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