Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, May 1, 2010

History Delight

I so highly recommend Scott Powell's "First History for Adults" courses and, now, my son is getting a taste of his delightful approach to history!  Cameron absolutely loved the first painting / discussion!

Other things to share:
This week's Objectivist Round up!

Cute antics:

• playing battleship which was fun until he turned his board a bit and I noticed one of his ships hanging off the grid!  
• leaving the light on in my car so that I had the pleasure of meeting a friendly AAA man (That was actually last week, but it wasn't funny yet.)
• deciding a new reading therapy I'm considering would be called Camp Kookooskoos (The one from The Trumpet of the Swan.)
• getting up from a breakfast of bison sausage, scrambled duck eggs and bacon with a gleeful declaration, "I'm full of yummies!"
• informing me that at 8:30pm he was going to teach divination. (Of all the teachers from Harry Potter to pick, I wouldn't have expected him to identify with the ethereal, phony fortune teller!  Then he informed me that his version of divination involved legos teaching which made more sense.)
• mastering substitutions so well for pattern matching that I gave basic algebra a try and he picked it right up?!?!?
• declaring, as a teenage waitress walked away after taking our order, "She's not a grown up!"
• completing a talent chart in his room based on what different zoo book animals were good at except, he used our family!
Cameron's talent: legos
Daddy's talent: strong
Mommy's talent: heart (which he clarified meant that I had good body talk that made him feel good).

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