Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, January 21, 2011


It's a new family favorite!  This fish soup with white wine and sweet touches of sauteed celery / onions was served at a recent Objectivist social.  Every one of us loved it!  Andrew then made a huge pot for us based on the same recipe.  I never thought I'd see my kiddo have fish soup for four dinners in a row!

Other things to share:

This week's Objectivist Round Up.
Cute antics:
• commenting while very focused on his homework and after I sharpened a pencil for him, "Thank you for your assistance." (Okee dokee, getting a wee bit official in his old age!)
• setting his mentor laughing by unintentionally washing his hands with lotion instead of soap.
• calling from upstairs, "Mom!  What's "lube"?!?!"  (Ya... turned out he was reading about a trip for an oil change in a Beverly Clearly book.)

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