Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, January 7, 2011

Eclipse, Holidays, Germs

That about sums it up!  Our fun before travel was viewing the lunar clips.  Our travel to New England for a bustling, vibrant holidays with family was filled with warm visiting.  Our resistance to germs was challenged as we were surrounded by tummy and respiratory viruses too... my husband and son succumbed after getting home.  So... we're healing :)

Other things to share:
This week's Objectivist Round Up.
Hysterical take on if you're ready for having kids.
I'd like a little more clarity about his service comment, but this is an inspirational 15 minutes from the founder of Amazon.  It's all about choices :)
Awesome, easier way to tie shoes!

Cute antics:
• coining a synonym for sleepy: Honk-shoowy [snore sound]
• referring the Hindenberg as "the biggest blower upper in town".
• asking this alarming question, "How in the heck will I take the applications out of the trash?" (The computer was not destroyed.)
• chiming in during our voice lesson after a series of decending tones ya ya ya ya ya, Cameron added, "Yo."
• looking at our book titles and grinning, "It's the order of the capitol of Arizona."  (Yep, the Harry Potter book, Order of the Phoenix.)
• showing his math progress and his new passion to get an iPod touch which would require he save another $100, "Can we do an allowance every day so that in twenty days I'll have another hundred dollars?" (Um, no.)
• Emma [niece] cheering for Cameron on the iPad in her high, breathy voice "Yay, Cameron!"
• filling in nicely for me in my singing of Old McDonald... apparently, this farmer had a lady bug with hydrophobia on his farm that went "flutter flutter splat".
• exclaiming "Gee whiskers!" instead of gee wilikers.
• using yoshabelle (Moses's mother) as a nonsense word

My son offering a "friendly" snowball fight!

Fun with my three year old niece

Glorious, morning stroll in Brooklyn

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