Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My 2010 Done List

I compiled a "done list" each month for 2010 and now I'm trying to decide if I want to do the same for 2011.  I write weekly updates that cover most of these things, but they are much more lengthy.  I did enjoy looking back at this concise list and realizing how much I had accomplished.  I think I gain most of the same though from scanning the past year of updates, so I'll probably discontinue the practice.  Here are some of my favorite accomplishments from 2010 though :)

Organized Scott Powell lecture in Seattle
Tempered chocolate (lots of tricky temperature modulating)
Skied with Andrew (my challenges with this sport are the stuff of legend)
Saw Olympic skating (a delightful dream come true)
Hiking trip (first of several outings we organized to include friends)
Cameron met his Athlete buddy, Jordan, for the first time (loots of coordinating efforts on my part)
Took Cameron to his first drive in movie theatre
Read "We the Living" for the first time
Visited a personal trainer for the first time to do Body By Science training
Tried bone marrow for the first time.  Yum!
Began Mommy School with Lindamood Bell Verbalizing and Visualizing focus
Enrolled as a history teacher apprentice (and completed the intensive, beginning training)
Got back to Sea Ranch for first time in more than ten years
10 years of married bliss celebrated with an Arvid print, "Inspirational Living" (See below) 
Learned new directions for canoeing (our new favorite family outing)
Harvested my first irises, cauliflower and tomatoes from the container gardens
Learned about economics for the the first time
Visited a race horse vet hospital
Shot a revolver and semi-automatic for the first time.  Powerful.
Learned the call in system and started being a TA for History at Our House
Hosted Toni, Debbie and Keebler the guide dog for several days. Cameron got cozy with a bigger dog :)
Visited Theo's Chocolates when the factory was operating for the first time... love that decadent aroma!
Weekend of sharing Cyrano with friends and bottling our cider to make the first hard cider
House listed for sale with Al (neighbor)
Multiple garage sales and craigslist ads working well to sell items
Cameron went trick or treating as "the daytime sky"(fun costume to make together)
Found the Claudio Corallo store in Seattle (my favorite chocolate... especially their balls of 100% chocolate around crystalized ginger)
Hosted our last Northwest Objectivists social
Hosted Andy Bernstein visit
Took the train to Sacramento, 20 hours!
Root canal survived... no desire to repeat that accomplishment
First cookie bake for wounded troops
Seeing The Lion King on Broadway
First good snowball fight with Cameron (lots of guiding for the different social interaction)

Here's to a 2011 of new accomplishments and adventures!

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