Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thyroid? Migraine? Take 2

[ Once again, only for those interested in my health search saga...]

Eight moths ago, while things looked more positive, symptoms and challenges remained and quickly plateaued.   The neurologist confirmed the symptom diagnosis of migraines, gave me Imitirex (which works as a patch), and didn't have any advice regarding the causative agent (although she did point to some potential triggers).  The sleep specialist didn't have anything to add except a book recommendation with was a quick read but did not change anything.  The hearing specialist said I didn't have any significant hearing issues.  So, I was stuck again and decided to seek assistance from a new practitioner.  

Two months ago, I consulted with Chris Kresser.  I have been listening to his podcasts and reading his articles for several years.  I like how he's constantly integrating the latest, scholarly literature and trying to help a growing population of medical patients.  He had both clinical expertise and a focus on the latest science that I hoped would help me get at more root causes.  He also had success with migraine treatment specifically.  While his website is more anti conventional medicine than I am, I have found him not adverse to recommending conventional approaches when he finds them clinically appropriate.  

To start, I completed multiple, detailed questionnaires and got a set of required blood work.  The first consult resulted in multiple supplements targeted at migraine prevention and a highly restrictive diet.  The supplements have been awesome for minimizing migraines.  I have still had several instances over the last month, but they have been much more mild and not required medication.  The diet eliminates / minimizes three substances that can trigger migraines and eliminates anything that is not a lean meat or a non-startchy vegetable.  The diet, a protein sparing modified fast, is designed to spare my muscle by ensuring that I eat adequate protein while allowing me to burn the extra body fat that I have.  The goal is to reset what my body defends as its "normal" weight to what is my ideal weight.  So far, it's been working beautifully!  I have lost 15 lbs easily!  It's been two years since I've been at this weight and it means I'm down to 30 lbs left to lose.  

I had a second consult yesterday in which I found out that my thyroid function is still low and may be contributing to the remaining migraine / illness issues.  So, I have several more supplements on the way that are supposed to support thyroid function.  These last two months have been wild with all the moving prep and changes, but it is really exciting to be seeing progress!  Here's more positive steps toward optimal health over the upcoming year :)


  1. Thank you for reporting this saga. Your persistence in searching for answers, and therefore a course of action, is inspiring to others.

    I am reading this instead of eating breakfast this morning because I will have blood drawn later this morning for further tests for my own adventure. (I am back on Metoprolol because my tachycardia -- but no afib -- reappeared last weekend.)

    I am very glad you are making progress.

  2. Burgess: Thank you for the well wishes and I've been so pleased to hear about your positive progress too! I hope this bump is brief.

  3. I've read a little of your health saga -- I just stumbled on your blog today. I'm sorry that I don't have the time to fully look at the saga, but I wanted to take a minute and share something with you because I think my health battle has been similar. I will say this: don't be to too quick to give up on the thyroid as the cause of your problems. I found that I had to take a substantial dose of synthroid (and get my TSH to .02) before I felt well; and it took at least 4 months before I really felt the changes. The research on thryroid function is incomplete, and the key to my health was finding a doctor who understood that I should FEEL well, as well as having the right TSH number (or T3 number, for that matter). The suggested ranges for these hormones is an average over many, different people. You specific context may require something outside the range.

    1. Thank you for the comment. My doc is saying now that thyroid support may be indicated even though my trial of T3 made me feel worse. I'll keep working on it and may indeed find more efforts toward thyroid support are indicated :)