Me and my kiddo

Me and my kiddo

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tool Box: Rediscovering Simon Says

A few days ago, my kiddo asked me to play Simon Says.  Now, my kiddo is eight and fairly bright and I figured this wouldn't last long.  Two hours later (and many, many giggles too), we finished up a rousing evening of fun!

We started off with all sorts of different acrobatics like crab walk, army crawl, hops, twirls, sprints, skips, and summersaults.  Then I started adding in obstacles like having him wiggle under chairs or hop between them or spin on top of them.

About this time, I started adding things he usually avoids like his journal writing and tooth brushing... he didn't even pause, he went off smiling and came rushing back for the next Simon Says!  I even used it to ask him questions like, "Simon Says tell me what sounds yummier for breakfast?" I started making multi-step directions too and being extra tricky and it just kept going with lots of laughs and smiles.  We've now played Simon Says multiple times over the last week and had so much fun!  I hope you find this tool useful!  Here's to rediscovering past parenting tools :)

I was surprised recently by an interest in holding hands too!  I love the growing independence, but it's fun to share the more youthful games / activities too!

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